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    1. Single Sided Driven CNC Flame Cutting MachineThe single sided driven CNC flame cutting machine was developed 16 years ago. The technology solution and processing technique are both pretty mature. This machine works well in the cutting operation of carbon steel plate whose width is 1500-3000 mm and the thickness is 6-300 mm.
    1. Double Sided Driven CNC Flame Cutting MachineThe double sided driven CNC flame cutting machine is the very first machine we launched after BODA was founded. Its stability is quite satisfactory. This machine is typically suitable for the cutting of carbon steel plate with a width of 1500-9000 mm and a thickness of 6-300 mm.
    1. Precision Rack CNC Flame Cutting MachineThe BODA precision rack CNC flame cutting machine is specifically designed for cutting large size rack. It can process several highly precision racks at one time, and the racks don’t need further process. The performance has reached the same level of the imported products, filling the gap in the domestic industry.
    1. Simple Single Sided Driven Flame Cutting MachineAre you searching the internet for a cost-effective simple single sided driven CNC flame cutting machine? This type of simple plate cutting machine will be a great choice. This machine is typically used for cutting carbon steel plate that is 1500-3000 mm wide and 6-200 mm thick.
    1. Strips Flame Cutting MachineThe strips flame cutting machine is typically used for cutting steel plate into strips. The machine adopts gantry structure. It is one sided driven when the gantry width is less than 4 meters, otherwise it will be double sided driven. Strips cutting torches will be mounted on one side of the girder, while the number of the girder is up to clients.
    1. Unlimited Rotary Flame Cutting MachineThe cutting angle can be adjusted manually at a range from -45° to 45° to meet the welding demands for the bevel shapes. This cutting machine is typically for the bevel cutting of carbon steel plates with a thickness from 6 mm to 35 mm.
    1. Dry CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe dry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, and other kinds of metal plate that made of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, and so on. We have four brands of plasma power and cutting torch for you to choose from
    1. Underwater CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe underwater CNC plasma cutting machine has almost the same components as the dry CNC plasma cutting machine does, however, the underwater type machine cut material in the water, while a dry type cutting machine does it without water. Due to the presence of water, the cutting speed, cutting ability, and the surface smoothness are negatively impacted. For instance, it takes 15% more time to cut a steel plate with an identical thickness for underwater cutting than that for dry cutting.
    1. CNC Platen Type Plasma Cutting TableIf you need a highly precision plasma cutting table, we recommend our CNC platen type plasma cutting machine to you. This machine is mainly used for cutting thin (0.3-2 mm) plates. The maximum working width and length is 2×7 m, and the idle running speed reaches 12,000 mm/min.
    1. CNC Precision Plasma Cutting MachineThe CNC precision plasma cutting machine comes with high precision CNC machine tool and the most sophisticated laser class plasma power in the world. Its cutting precision is about twice higher than normal plasma cutting machine, while its cutting speed is faster than the laser cutting machine when conducting the medium thick or thick plates cutting operations.
    1. Unlimited Rotary Plasma Bevel-Cutting MachineThe unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine has a multi-axis motion system. It can process V-type, X-type, Y-type bevels by once forming. The angles of the bevels are optional from -45° to 45°, while the precision is ±0.5°.
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting and Drilling MachineComplicated components can be produced, and there is no need for them to be further processed. So the productivity could be greatly enhanced. Besides, this plasma drilling machine comes with extra tools and strong structure, making it perfectly suitable for processing counterbore holes and taping.
    1. Robot Arm Laser Cutting MachineThis robot arm laser cutting machine is a kind of fiber laser cutting machine. It is mainly used for cutting plates with a thickness of 0.5-2 mm and 3D components. The price and maintenance cost are both very low, and the maintenance operation is also very simple.
    1. CNC Laser/Plasma Cutting TableThe appearance is concise and beautiful. Both thin and thick steel plates can be handled—the laser cutting torch is for steel plates thinner than 2 mm, and the plasma cutting torch is for 16 mm or thicker plates. The maximum cutting size is 1500 mm × 5500 mm. Both of the laser source and plasma source are optional according to client’s requirements.
  • CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting TableThe maximum thickness it can handle reaches 30 mm. A high-power servo motor is chosen, and the idle running speed reaches 24 m/min. This machine is quite suitable for small plates cutting, and its features include high cutting speed and high productivity.
  • CNC Pipe Cutting MachineThe CNC pipe cutting machine is developed all by ourselves. It can cut any shapes in the pipes with or without bevels by plasma cutting or flame cutting. The maximum length of the pipe reaches 12 m, and the pipe is fixed by chunks. The bevel cutting system comes with 6 axis.
    1. CNC SystemThe advanced EDGE PRO CNC system is developed by American Hypertherm typically for plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and water jet cutter on the basis of Windows interface. Latest technologies have been applied to this software to improve the interface, cutting speed and movement control, resulting in powerful functions and simple operation.
    1. Cutting AccessoriesOur CNC cutting machines come with a range of cutting accessories to make the cutting operation more efficient.
      As one of the cutting accessories, it sprays zinc powder on the steel plate, leaving an irremovable 1.5-2 mm wide line for marking and positioning purposes.
    1. Power Supply for Plasma CuttingOur machines are equipped with reliable power supply for plasma cutting. These powers are all from famous international companies.
      This series of plasma power is developed completely by ourselves. The features include stable cutting performance and great costeffectiveness.