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CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

The CNC pipe cutting machine is developed all by ourselves. It can cut any shapes in the pipes with or without bevels by plasma cutting or flame cutting. The maximum length of the pipe reaches 12 m, and the pipe is fixed by chunks. The bevel cutting system comes with 6 axis. The machine moves on linear rails and has a combined transmission device which includes ball screw, pinion and rack. Thus the machine’s movement is very stable. The automated cutting operation can effectively enhance the cutting productivity and cutting performance, as well as reduce the operator’s labor intensity.

Thus far, the CNC pipe cutting machine has been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Georgia, Singapore, Korea, Russia and so on, and has been successfully applied in oil industry, building construction, steel structure processing, shipbuilding industry and so on.


1. The CNC pipe cutting machine has been awarded the "hi-tech products of Jiangsu province" certificate.

2. Powerful and precision drive device.
The drive device, which is from Mitsubishi, includes high precision AC servo motor and special planetary reducer. The transmission is precise and stable. The high power AC servo motors in the CNC metal pipe cutter has powerful driving force and precise positioning performance.

3. Self-developed control system.
The control system of the CNC pipe cutting machine is developed all by ourselves exclusively for pipe cutting, making the exchange between plasma cutting and flame cutting quite simple. It can control 6 axies and comes with some built-in pipe cutting solutions. The cutting performance is very stable.

4. Special bevel control structure.
The machine planar linkage bevel control system can be adjusted at a range of ±45°. Thus the cutting torch can achieve continuously bevel cutting. The machine’s productivity, stability and durability are all enhanced.

5. AutomatedCAM nesting software.
Using the nesting software, you can calculate the intersection lines between the main pipe and branch pipes without manual calculating or programming. Just input the pipes’ diameters, crossing angles, then the software of the pipe processing machine will calculate the parameters and help the machine cut the intersection line, intersection line hole and welding bevel by multi-axis motion.

6. Reliable steel pipe supporting structure.
The CNC pipe cutting machine is supported by bracket type steel pipe supporting structure, which has manual and hydraulic transmission systems. The height of the racket can be adjusted according to the pipe’s size, making sure that the cutting torch cut linearly and parallelly with pipes.
Thus a great precision can be achieved.

Machine parameter
Proper diameter range Proper pipe length Cutting speed Bevel angle CNC system Cutting torch number
38-200 mm ≤12000 mm ≤6000 mm/min ±45° BODA CNC system 1
50-600 mm
80-650 mm
200-1000 mm

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