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CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Table

The CNC flame/plasma cutting table is a kind of high speed and precise CNC cutting machine. The effective cutting width can reach 2000 mm, while the effective cutting length can be as long as 7,000 mm. The maximum thickness it can handle reaches 30 mm. A high-power servo motor is chosen, and the idle running speed reaches 24 m/min. This machine is quite suitable for small plates cutting, and its features include high cutting speed and high productivity.

The CNC flame/plasma cutting table is equipped with a double sided servo motor and linear rail, so the cutting process is quite accurate and steady. The machine comes with computer controlled air cylinders that are mounted outside the main structure, and an optional dust exhaust device which can greatly improve the air ventilation performance. The integrated modular structure of the CNC flame cutting machine has facilitated the installation and is popular with our clients at home and abroad. This machine is typically used for processing sheet metal, electricity equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, aerospace equipment, automobile manufacturing, and so on.


1. The CNC flame/plasma cutting table has been awarded the "hi-tech product of Jiangsu province" certificate.

2. Convenient shipping and installation.
This CNC flame/plasma cutting table has low requirements for working place. The shipping and installation of the CNC flame/plasma cutter are very convenient. This property is typically favorable to the clients who have to change working place frequently. Besides, the overall enclosed machine has a good looking appearance.

3. Integrated supporting structure.
The supporting structure has great toughness and strength. After welding and tempering, it will be processed by high precision CNC gantry machining center which is made in Taiwan. So the precision of our CNC flame/plasma cutting table is extremely high.

4. Outside-mounted air cylinder.
The air cylinder is installed outside the main structure of the machine in an enclosed space. The sectional pneumatic type comes with built-in ventilating holes. So if you choose to install a dust exhaust device, the dust removal performance will be great. Besides, there is a slag collecting device under the cutting table to reduce the environmental pollution.

5. Precise transverse/lengthways movement.
Imported linear rails are adopted for the CNC flame/plasma cutting table. Their dynamic loading capacity is high, and the working stability is very great. Dragging chains are used for the transverse and longitudinal movement, so the resistance is small and the device is extremely wear-resistant. The transverse and lengthways come with dustproof covers, which can effectively protect the rails from being contaminated or corroded by shielding dust and any other small particles.

6. Simple cutting table changing process.
The machine comes with a cutting table, so you don’t need to prepare additional supporting platform, saving you a lot of steel and labor. The cutting table is exchangeable, so the maintenance is very simple.

Machine parameter
Transverse rail interval 1500-2500 mm
Effective cutting width 1000-2000 mm
Drive method Double sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Longitudinal rail length 4500-7500 mm
Effective cutting length 1500 mm less than lengthways rail length
Idle running speed 24000 mm/min
Cutting speed ≤6000 mm/min
CNC system Imported CNC system
Cutting torch number 1
Cutting thickness According to the different plasma

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