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Dry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The dry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, and other kinds of metal plate that made of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, and so on. We have four brands of plasma power and cutting torch for you to choose from, namely American Hypertherm, Germany Kjellberg, American Victor and American Kaliburn. All of them have perfect cutting performance such as limited bevel and smooth cutting edge. Our dry CNC plasma cutting machine has a cutting speed of 6000 mm/min (see detail information in the specifications of different plasma power). Thus the productivity is greatly enhanced and client can handle more orders in a short period of time.

Thus far, this CNC cutting machine has been exported to more than 40 countries and is widely used in the manufacturing of automobile, locomotive, high pressure container, chemical machinery, machine in nuke industry, general machine, engineering machinery, and steel structure.


1. The cutting torch holder has been awarded the certificate of "National appearance design patent".

2. Non-ferrous metal cutting ability.
Combining with different kinds of working gas, a plasma cutting machine can cut some metals (such as stainless steel, aluminium and copper) that a flame cutting machine can’t deal with, providing more choices for non-ferrous metal cutting companies.

3. Faster cutting speed and better cutting performance.
Our dry CNC plasma cutting machine cut materials by high speed plasma cutting torch. The cutting can reach 6000 mm/min, while the cutting edge is smooth and the thermal deforming is quite small, enhancing the productivity greatly.

4. Excellent drive and imported devices.
The drive devices are from famous international company like Mitsubishi and Shimpo. The servo motor is from Mitsubishi and the reducing gearbox is from Shimpo. The servo motor connects with planetary reducer. It is maintenance free and has small power loss.

5. Specially designed lateral moving device.
The device comes with a detachable panel, so that clients can fix the device easily.

6. Modular electric control cabinet.
The layout is simple and reasonable. Strong current circuit and weak current circuit of the dry CNC plasma cutting machine are separated. The components are purchased from famous companies. We have taken all possible measures to enhance the CNC metal cutter’s stability and reduce the malfunction risk.

7. Underwater cutting operations.
You just need a cutting table with a adjustable water depth to conduct underwater cutting or cutting close to the water surface. Then the smoke and arc light produced during the plasma cutting will be absorbed by water. The pollutions like smoke, dust, arc light, poisonous gas and noise will be greatly reduced.

Machine parameter
Transverse rail interval 2500-9500 mm
Effective cutting width 1500-8500 mm
Drive method Double/single sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Effective cutting length 3000 mm less than the rail length
Idle running speed ≤6000mm/min or ≤12000mm/min
Cutting speed ≤6000 mm/min
CNC system Imported CNC system
Cutting torch number Customizable
Minimum cutting torch interval 200 mm
Cutting thickness According to the different plasma

Cutting sample

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