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Strips Flame Cutting Machine

The strips flame cutting machine is typically used for cutting steel plate into strips. The machine adopts gantry structure. It is one sided driven when the gantry width is less than 4 meters, otherwise it will be double sided driven. Strips cutting torches will be mounted on one side of the girder, while the number of the girder is up to clients. Transverse cutting torches are installed on the opposite side of the girder. The steel strips cut by our strip metal plate cutting machine have nice shapes, precise sizes, and smooth cutting edges. This machine is widely used for cutting steel strips in the steel structure processing industry.


1. The cutting torch holder has been awarded the certificate of "National appearance design patent".

2. The height of longitudinal strips cutting torch can be adjusted in various ways. 
It is usually adjusted manually. However, the cutting torches of the strips flame cutting machine also can ascend and descend automatically, as a whole or individually.

3. Imported solenoid valve is used in the machine.
We use CEME solenoid valve, and CEME is a famous Italy brand. So we can control the gas for a single cutting torch well. Thus the influence of the residue air in the gas pipe can be avoided, and the strips cutting operation can be ended with better effect.

4. An imported gas control panel is used.
Gentec reducing valve is adopted for the gas control panel, and the signs are in English. The gas pipe layout is concise and clear. The connecting ports in the flame cutter are finely processed and very reliable, leading to limited gas flow and pressure reduction.

5. The transverse moving structure moves on steel idler wheels.
The large diameter steel idler wheels have great toughness and wear resistance, and can work really stably.

6. Both sides of the machine come with a ring.
With these firm rings, the strips flame cutting machine can be hanged easily for its delivery.

Machine parameter
Transverse rail interval 4000-8000 mm
Effective cutting width 3000-7000 mm
Drive method Single side driven or double sides driven 
Lengthways rail length Customizable
Effective cutting width 3000 mm less than lengthways rail length
Idle running speed 12000 mm/min
Cutting speed 100 -750 mm/min
CNC system BODA CNC system
Minimum stripe width ≥70 mm
Cutting thickness 6-60 mm

Cutting sample

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