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Simple Single Sided Driven CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Are you searching the internet for a cost-effective simple single sided driven CNC flame cutting machine? This type of simple plate cutting machine will be a great choice. This machine is typically used for cutting carbon steel plate that is 1500-3000 mm wide and 6-200 mm thick. We have developed a stable relationship with our domestic suppliers who provide key components. The components have been tested regularly. The overall performance of the machine is reliable, and its costeffectiveness is great. The precision is qualified for flame cutting. If you need detailed information, please contact us.


1. The cutting torch holder has been awarded the certificate of "National appearance design patent".

2. The cutting torch lifting structure has been granted the "utility model patent certificate of China"

3. The cutting torch holder has been granted the "utility model patent certificate of China"

4. Consistent precision.
After the development of this type of CNC flame cutter, our R&D department has conducted a range of cutting experiments. We also invited our clientele to experience the cutting performance. It turns out that the precision is at the same level of the other types of single sided flame cutting machine.

5. Automatic control system and simple operation.
The simple single sided driven CNC flame cutting machine can track the cutting torch, so the cutting area real-time situation can be displayed on the screen. The whole cutting process is under automatic control. Thus the simple and cost-saving cutting operation can be conducted.

6. Easy maintenance of electric control cabinet.
The electric control cabinet has a compact, clear and concise layout. The circuit is neatly designed. So it is quite convenient for clients to maintain the cabinet.

7. The transverse moving part of the machine is driven by dragging chain.
So the working resistance of the simple single sided driven CNC flame cutting machine will be greatly lowered, leading to excellent cutting performance and wear resistance.

Machine parameter
Effective cutting width 1500-3000 mm
Drive method Single sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Effective cutting length 3000 mm less than the rail length
Idle running speed ≤6000 mm/min
Cutting speed 100-750 mm/min
Cutting torch number 1-4
Minimum cutting torch interval 200 mm
Cutting thickness 6-300 mm

Cutting sample

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