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Precision Rack CNC Flame Cutting Machine

The BODA precision rack CNC flame cutting machine is specifically designed for cutting large size rack. It can process several highly precision racks at one time, and the racks don’t need further process. The performance has reached the same level of the imported products, filling the gap in the domestic industry. By using our precision rack CNC flame cutting machine, much foreign exchange has been saved for the leg manufacturing of domestic oil platform project. This type of CNC flame cutting equipment has become a very competitive product on the international market.


1. The cutting torch holder has been awarded the certificate of "National appearance design patent".

2. Our precision rack CNC flame cutting machine has been awarded the "hi-tech product of Jiangsu province" certificate.

3. High precision.
The metal plate cutting machine is processed by large size gantry machining center. We adopt Germany linear rail and high precision (IT grade 6) pinion and rack for the transmission part, ensuring the high precision operation of the equipment.

4. Multi-axis motion control system.
Imported custom CNC system combined with self-developed multi-axis motion control system has been adopted for the control system of the precision rack CNC flame cutting machine. An imported AC servo drive system has been installed on each movable part to achieve multi-axis motion control.

5. Imported flame cutting torch for thick steel plate cutting.
The cutting torch is imported from a famous American company. We have adopted the high/low pressure oxygen preheating technique and three-stage piercing technique. The cutting machine can achieve automatic pierce cutting in the thick steel plate. The cutting performance is excellent, since the edge is extremely smooth and precision and bevel-free.

6. Pollution-free.
Our precision rack CNC flame cutting machine uses flame to cut material, so no smoke, dust or irritant gas will be produced during the cutting process. Clients can protect both the environment and workers’ health by choosing our CNC flame cutting unit.

7. Extremely high/low temperature resistance.
An air conditioning system has been installed in the CNC system cabinet where the imported system and self-developed system are working in. So when the environment temperature is too high or too low, all the systems can work well, your production progress won’t be delayed.

Machine parameter
Transverse rail interval 4000-9500 mm
Effective cutting width 3000-8500 mm
Drive method Double sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Effective drive length 3000 mm less than rail length
Idle running speed ≤12000 mm/min
Cutting speed 100 -750 mm/min
CNC system BODA CNC or imported CNC system
Cutting torch number Customizable
Minimum torch interval 200 mm
Cutting thickness 6-300 mm

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