Jiangsu BODA NC Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Mission

Core spirit: To be profound

Enterprise principle: People-orientation, spirit improvement, reputation management.

Enterprise culture
Since the foundation of BODA, our management team has been seriously valuing the construction of enterprise culture, and continuously promoting the culture among our employees to inspire them to be positive, responsible, and happy, and pursue excellence at work. BODA takes every feasible action to give employees chances to display their competence, and grow from average to good, then to excellent. We know that we can achieve our goal—building a famous brand and creating a brilliant life, only if we can keep improving our employees' competence.

Enterprise value
As a modern enterprise, we, from senior executive to every plain worker, adhere to our enterprise values.
1. Sense of social responsibility. BODA's employees should benefit the society at large in terms of social welfare and environment protection, so that we can take the responsibilities that we should have. Besides, that's how we can improve our enterprise image both at home and abroad.
2. Knowledge changes one's destiny. Continuous endeavor and learning must lead to changes of one's destiny—from average to excellence.