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Environmental Protection

Dust and smoke control
Lots of smoke and dust will be produced during the plasma cutting operations. These substances could damage people's health. For those operations conducted in the plants, we can reduce or eliminate the damages by on-site dust and smoke treatment and overall workshop ventilation. The on-site dust and smoke treatment comprise two methods-wet type treatment and dry type treatment

1. Wet type treatment (wet cutting) means we need a water pool to put workpiece into water or close to the water surface before we do the cutting. Then the dust and smoke will be absorbed by water.

2. Dry type treatment (dry cutting) refers that we add a dust and smoke collecting device to the cutting table. Then the smoke and dust will be treated by a filtrating device before the emission. Basically, the smoke and dust generate below the cutting edge, so vacuuming type negative pressure cutting table is most commonly adopted as an effective smoke and dust collecting device.

In order to save the equipment investment and achieve better vacuuming performance, or achieve high dust and smoke collecting rate by low power vacuuming, only the air in the currently cutting area will be sucked in. So we evenly divide the cutting table into enclosed small areas along the main rail of the cutting machine. Every enclosed area comes with an air outlet, which includes two types of outlet—side draught type mobile outlet and vacuum room side-wall valve type outlet. The former has a relatively simpler structure and more reliable and better performance, so it is widely used.

3. China's manufacture industry has been developing rapidly for years. Steel plate cutting, as a kind of common operation in manufacture industry, is increasingly needed. Dry type plasma cutting, now, is getting more and more popular, because of its advantages such as high cutting speed, great cutting quality, rapid plate exchanging. Thus the cutting productivity is greatly enhanced.

However, energy conservation and emission reduction have been increasingly valued, so we suggest that for those who have moderate processing quantity and high environmental protection requirements, the underwater CNC plasma cutting machine is a better choice, because its cost effectiveness, smoke and dust treatment performance, and cutting quality continuity are quite satisfactory. Most importantly, its environmental protection performance is much better.