1. Dry CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe dry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, and other kinds of metal plate that made of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, and so on. We have four brands of plasma power and cutting torch for you to choose from
    1. Underwater CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe underwater CNC plasma cutting machine has almost the same components as the dry CNC plasma cutting machine does, however, the underwater type machine cut material in the water, while a dry type cutting machine does it without water. Due to the presence of water, the cutting speed, cutting ability, and the surface smoothness are negatively impacted. For instance, it takes 15% more time to cut a steel plate with an identical thickness for underwater cutting than that for dry cutting.
    1. CNC Platen Type Plasma Cutting TableIf you need a highly precision plasma cutting table, we recommend our CNC platen type plasma cutting machine to you. This machine is mainly used for cutting thin (0.3-2 mm) plates. The maximum working width and length is 2×7 m, and the idle running speed reaches 12,000 mm/min.
    1. CNC Precision Plasma Cutting MachineThe CNC precision plasma cutting machine comes with high precision CNC machine tool and the most sophisticated laser class plasma power in the world. Its cutting precision is about twice higher than normal plasma cutting machine, while its cutting speed is faster than the laser cutting machine when conducting the medium thick or thick plates cutting operations.
    1. Unlimited Rotary Plasma Bevel-Cutting MachineThe unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine has a multi-axis motion system. It can process V-type, X-type, Y-type bevels by once forming. The angles of the bevels are optional from -45° to 45°, while the precision is ±0.5°.
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting and Drilling MachineComplicated components can be produced, and there is no need for them to be further processed. So the productivity could be greatly enhanced. Besides, this plasma drilling machine comes with extra tools and strong structure, making it perfectly suitable for processing counterbore holes and taping.

Plasma Cutting Machine

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