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CNC Plasma Cutting and Drilling Machine

The CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine is developed completely by ourselves. It is a kind of high precision sheet metal machining center that combines excellent rapid drilling and plasma cutting techniques. Complicated components can be produced, and there is no need for them to be further processed. So the productivity could be greatly enhanced. Besides, this plasma drilling machine comes with extra tools and strong structure, making it perfectly suitable for processing counterbore holes and taping. Its powerful main shaft motor can guarantee the fluency of the heavy sheet material processing. The precision and productivity are both enhanced.

This CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine has filled the domestic gap in this field, and now is widely used in many industries like electricity, bridge, automobile, and so on.


1. Our CNC plasma cutting-drilling Machine has been awarded the "hi-tech product of Jiangsu province" certificate.

2. The swinging style drilling cutting auto conversion cutting table has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

3. The translation type CNC drilling exchange platform of CNC drilling-cutting machine has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

4. The indexing rotary plate-type cutter adapter of the CNC drilling-cutting machine has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

5. Our exclusive rotary tool storage for CNC drilling-cutting machine has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

6. As much as 300% higher productivity than traditional technique.
Clients just need to position and clamp the workpiece once for both of the drilling and cutting operations. The whole processing procedure of the CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine are 90% simplified on the basis of traditional methods. Besides the high speed drilling and efficient plasma cutting has also contributed to the overall improvement of as high as 300%.

7. High speed and great performance of drilling.
High speed main spindle head and a BT50 taper hole of the spindle are adopted. The maximum hole that can be drilled has a diameter of Ø40. The main spindle’s speed is controlled by advanced frequency conversion induction motor and frequency converter. Thus stepless speed controlling and precision positioning can be achieved. The main spindle is driven by 15 KW power and comes with frequency conversion technique. High power servo motor and ball screw are used for the main shaft movement during the drilling process, leading to fast and quality hole drilling operations.

8. Great cutting performance.
Precision and high-speed plasma cutting device is adopted for this CNC plasma cutter. The plasma power model is optional according to client’s requirements. An arc voltage type height controller is used for the height adjusting. Besides, the CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine comes with contact-type resistance positioning technique for the initiate alignment function. The workpiece cut by our CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine doesn’t further processes because the size precision is great enough.

9. High strength lift device.
The lift device and moving device are now in a integrated structure, guaranteeing high strength and lowering the overall height. The welded spindle box adopts the double groove full welded structure, which has subjected to tempering and has high strength and less resonance.

10. Highly stable longitudinal rails.
The machine runs stably on the rails. The longitudinal rail is made of H-type steel girde which has been strengthened by reinforced ribs, and tempering treatment has been conducted after the welding of the ribs. The concave type rail adopts the installed base of groove and modularized machine pre-tighten strip. The installed heavy-type linear rails have great straightness and anti-vibration property, so it is suitable for heavy load operation.

Machine parameter

Transverse rail interval 4500-9500mm
Effective cutting width 2500-7500mm
Drive method Double sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Effective drive length 3000 mm less than the rail length
Idle running speed ≤12000 mm/min
Cutting speed ≤6000 mm/min
CNC system Imported CNC system
Cutting torch number 1
Maximum drilling hole diameter ≤40 mm
Cutting thickness According to the different plasma

Cutting sample

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