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Unlimited Rotary Plasma Bevel-Cutting Machine

The unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine has a multi-axis motion system. It can process V-type, X-type, Y-type bevels by once forming. The angles of the bevels are optional from -45° to 45°, while the precision is ±0.5°. The machine comes with various kinds of plasma power, and their cutting performance is great.

This machine can cut nonferrous metals like carbon steel and stainless steel. Modular design and imported components were adopted for this plasma cutting machine. So several traditional machining processes like cutting and milling, now, can be finished by one step. The productivity and cutting performance are greatly enhanced, thus unnecessary source consumption is saved.

Our unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine is widely suitable for many manufacturing industries such as high pressure container, chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, shipbuilding, automobile, petrochemical machine, mining machine, and coal processing machine. Great performance has been achieved by bevel cutting solution.


1. The unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine has been awarded the "hi-tech product of Jiangsu province" certificate.

2. The cutting torch swing angel device with stabilizer bar has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

3. Our plasma cutting torch auto bevel cutting device has been granted the "National inventive patent" certificate.

4. The cutting torch cable preventing rewind overhang structure has got the "utility model patent certificate of China".

5. High precision.
The gantry of the unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine adopts modular design and high loading structure. The cutting torch rotating device has a light loading structure. The overall structure of the machine is highly precise. The cutting process is stable, and the cutting edge is quite smooth.

6. High toughness cross beam.
The cross beam of the unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine is made of two rectangle pipe. The strengthened heavy structure has a great strength. The imported two linear rails are installed with L type super-position technique. So the whole operation is quite stable, the loading capacity is very large and the structure strength is very high.

7. Continuous bevel cutting process.
The cutting torch rotating device of the unlimited rotary plasma cutting machine can achieve continuous bevel cutting. Besides, it has a much faster cutting speed of 1 rps than that (5 rps) of most similar products, while the cutting precision is very desirable. As the core structure of the unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine, this rotating device adopts combination bearing, whose rotating precision is very high on heavy loading condition and the rotating positioning precision is great.

In one word, the unlimited rotary cutting torch can achieve continuous bevel cutting during the working process. The inner structure of the rotating device has been specially designed, so cable twisting will be avoided, guaranteeing the stable rotating process and the stability of the rotating cutting torch in the unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine.

8. Durable and precise tilting structure.
The tilting device adopts new material and patented design, leading to exquisite and durable structure, and fast angle adjustment. The potent tilting device is driven by high voltage power. It has a stepping motor inside, so the anti-interference performance is great. The gear and rack, double gear shafts are used for the transmission, thus the gear gap during obverse and inverse running is eliminated, and the tilting precision is quite satisfactory.

9. Reliable and stable torch initial alignment device.
We adopt a special initial alignment solution by which the torch head slightly contacts the workpiece, rather than traditional ways in which a contact-type sensor is used or the torch head hits the workpiece. The new non-contact tactile sensor we use in the unlimited rotary plasma bevel-cutting machine can precisely control the initiate height and the cutting height with a precision of ±0.5mm. A sliding structure is adopted for the anti-collision device, whose reliability and stability are quite great.

Machine parameter
Transverse rail interval 4500-9500 mm
Effective cutting width 3000-8000 mm
Drive method Double sided AC servo motor; Rack and pinion transmission system
Effective cutting length 3000 mm less than rail length
Idle speed ≤ 12000 mm/min
Cutting speed ≤6000 mm/min
CNC system Imported CNC system
Bevel width ±45°
Cutting torch number 1
Cutting thickness According to the different plasma

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